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I have spent my working days as an IT professional until last year, when I retired and was able to dedicate more time to my photography.

I got myself a Kodak Brownie when I was 10 or 11 and discovered the magic of B&W pictures. Years later, when our son was born, it was time for an SLR – a Minolta, and I never stopped taking pictures. Over the years, the snapshots became better composed, I learned about color theory and discovered the beauty of light. I switched from a B&W and Prints-from-Slides darkroom to digital cameras and Photoshop Elements in 2005.

I am drawn to the light which paints the flowers, to the geometric lines of urban landscapes, and to everything that catches my eye.

I hope you will enjoy these photographs.


A collection of photographs of Louisiana, New Orleans and the Cajun Country around Lafayette
  • Houmas House

    • Houmas House
  • The Olivier House in St-Martinville

    • The Olivier Hou…
  • Nottaway Plantation

    • Nottaway Planta…
  • The Oaks

    • The Oaks
  • Cajun Barn

    • Cajun Barn
  • Cajun Cabin

    • Cajun Cabin
  • Where are all the flowers gone?

    • Where are all t…
  • How Sweet It Is!

    • How Sweet It Is…
  • Morning on a Louisiana pond

    • Morning on a Lo…
  • King of the Pond

    • King of the Pon…
  • Cool Breeze on the Bayou

    • Cool Breeze on…
  • Darkness on the Bayou

    • Darkness on the…
  • The Mystery of the Bayou

    • The Mystery of…
  • Cajun Sunset

    • Cajun Sunset
  • Sunset on Lake Martin

    • Sunset on Lake…
  • Last light on Lake Martin

    • Last light on L…
  • Sunset over Lake Martin, Louisiana

    • Sunset over Lak…
  • Shrimp Boats

    • Shrimp Boats